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BenoSoftware is one of the earliest adopters and a huge advocate of GoLang. Since 2014, we have been delivering GoLang solutions. Our GoLang team includes industry veterans, speakers and community contributors. For start-ups, GoLang can be a great choice to quickly develop and scale complex applications. We have developed GoLang applications for multiple domains including Education, Social Media, Travel, Finance etc.

Recent GoLang Projects

A leading social networking site for politicians

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School ERP along with student management system

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travel portal, specialising in Camps and adventure sports

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Why GoLang

  • GoLang  is not only fast to execute but also fast to learn, work, compile and deploy. We get all this with the feel of an interpreted language. It has concurrency built in. What it means for developers is that no need to install extra libraries or dependencies. Concurrency enables to execute many tasks at the same time.
  • Go is strict. As a result, you get a neat safe code and don’t have to spend  much time and money on searching for and fixing bugs as in many dynamic languages.
  • Go compiles into a single binary along with all the dependencies. So, its very easy to deploy and very less prone to any last minute dependency errors.
  • Migration to GoLang is easy  in comparison to  PHP, Python etc.

Why BenoSoftware

  • Being an early adaptors of GoLang development, we are updated with all the latest updates on Go.
  • BenoSoftware has built multiple applications using GoLang and because of this we have capabilities to deliver solutions very quickly and efficiently.
  • Our GoLang consulting services has helped many companies to design & architect GoLang applications from scratch.
  • Our expertise in NoSQL databases, AWS and Agile processes, have been a great add on to complex GoLang implementations.
  • Having a big team of GoLang developers, clients has an options to hire dedicated remote developers to quickly ramp up development time & efforts.

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