Standard Practices

Continuous Integration

So that we spend less time debugging and more time adding features.

Test Driven Development

Taking the solution to a regular test drive ensures that we don’t get surprises at the end.

Pair Programming

It’s just like having a navigator, who can provide a direction while the other drives the code.

Code Audits

Rigorous code investigations so that it couldn’t be coaxed to do something fishy.

Peer Code Review

As the code passes through a different set of eyes, this ensures its thoroughness and correctness.

Performance Profiling

Real time performance check based upon typical business scenarios and user behaviours.

Development Phases

Pre- Development

• Requirement Gathering and Analysis • Define Technologies • Estimations (Time/Cost) • Team Set up • Define Ownerships • Tools • Sync Ups (time/agenda/participants) • Escalation Metrics • Tracking & Reporting System • Set up SMART Milestones


• User Personas • Branding Guidelines, fonts, colors, images style etc. • Prototyping • Wireframes • Styleguide • A/B Testing • PSDs


• Sprint Plan • Architecture Design • Dev Environment Set up • Listing Backlog Items • Continuous Integration Set up • Coding


• Testing Environment Set up • Test Cases & Test Plan • Bug Tracking • Automation plan & Scripts • Feedback from UAT • Functional Testing • Acceptance Testing • Isolation Testing • Integration Testing • Unit Testing • Security Testing • Performance Testing


• Deployment Checklist • Deployment Tools • Deployment Workflow • Continuous Integration • Continuous Delivery • KPI Monitoring (Server utilization, exception rates, log volume, database performance etc.) • One Click Deployments & Rolling Back

Sprint Process

As many of our clients are not very technical and may have difficulty in understanding below mentioned sprint, we are also sharing detailed Sprint process in a very layman language.

Sprint Process Details

  • BenoSoftware prefers to work on iterative and incremental development model. Ideal sprints include but not limited to Sprint Planning, Creating Back logs, Estimation, Assigning Tickets, Peer Code Review, QA & Deployment.
  • At Sprit plan meeting, all the stakeholders (Developers, QAs, PMs, Scrum Master, Product Owners etc.) meets to define back log items, timelines, ownership of back log items etc. At the end of this meeting everyone should have clarity as to who is delivering what by when and expected output.
  • After Sprint plan meeting, developers will start on tickers and change the status of ticket to “Start/Assigned” etc.
  • Once ticket is assigned, developer will create a feature branch for that ticket. In ideal situation, we should be a feature branch for each ticket, unless making design changes.
  • After completion of ticket back log item, developer will change the status of ticket to “finish/completed” and will push the code for code review. Someone senior from the team will do code review, and will accept or send back for change. Reviewer will change the status of ticket to “Change Required/Need Changes” etc. and will share his/her comments.
  • Once reviewer gives go ahead, the developer merge the branch into the develop branch.
  • After merger, continuous integration tool will deploy that version to a development environment to be previewed and tested. At this stage developer will change the status of ticket to “completed/finished”.
  • By the end of the Sprint, we’ll observe all of the tickets completed and features built, and make a deploy to a staging environment. This is usually where we allow our clients to observe and test the app, as well as where a project manager will perform QA. When the develop branch is deployed to staging, the project manager will mark the tickets as ‘delivered.”

Standard Tools

Our choice of tools makes us a perfect offshore delivery team

Issue Tracking

  • Assembla
  • JIRA
  • Trello
  • Pivotal Tracker

Scope/ Requirement

  • Balsamiq
  • iplotz
  • JIRA
  • Basecamp

Version Control

  • Git
  • Bitbucket
  • SVN
  • Mercurial


  • Hangout
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • GoToMeeting

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